Create Your Own 3D Photos
Experience three-dimensional reality through your computer. The foreground of photographs may come out and appear to hang in mid-air before your eyes, while the rest of the 3D image manifests itself at varying distances behind the screen surface. Results are equally effective when printed with a standard PC home printer and can be attached to an e-mail in the normal way.

  3D glasses are required in order to view many of the images on this site.

Program Interface

In the UK, programs normally retail at
under £15 each.

Canadian editions are likely to retail at CAD$19.80.

For specific website offers and for education site licences
please see Products page

Central to all of IT3Ds CD-ROMS is the Stereo-Photo Program. This allows any photographer to create 3D colour images.

When a photograph is being taken, the camera is moved slightly to the left or right after taking the photo. Another one of the same subject is then taken.

Processing of the two photographs into a single 3D result normally takes less than one minute and is very simple to achieve.

All editions come with an extensive set of tutorials covering a wide range of further possibilities for use of the program.

Included with every CD-ROM is a unique collection of over 200 3D images taken by experienced 3D photographers.
As can be judged from this illustration of the top section of the interface, the program is remarkably easy to use. It is recommended for all ages between 8 and 80 years!