Company Background
IT3D Ltd was created in March 2000, building on the photographic design and expertise of its parent company Wildwood. IT3D continued development of the Stereo-Photo System and of 3D CD-ROMs based on this. The company has become a leader in the field of computer generated anaglyphs - colour 3D photos viewed through red/cyan glasses.

IT3D specialises in many aspects of 3D imaging. Among these are: conversion of single photos and paintings from 2D to 3D; techniques which allow images to be inserted inside 3D virtual environments; the creation of apparently solid 'hologram-like' pop-up prints for placing on a horizontal surface and then viewing from an angle. (The fashion doll illustration is one of these pop-up prints.)

The company is also committed to extending the educational possibilities of computer work in all subjects. 3D photography and 3D image management involve a variety of computer skills and creativity at many different levels of sophistication. This allows specific National Curriculum coverage in a range of subjects - in particular Art, Design and the Humanities.

In Victorian and Edwardian times 3D photography was relatively commonplace, results being viewed on stereo cards through hand-held Holmes viewers.
(The horse-drawn carriage illustration is derived from one of these stereo cards.) Many people owned their own 3D camera and results were widely available.

Several revivals of interest in 3D photography have been experienced since then, and the Viewmaster system in particular made stereoscopic photography once again accessible to the everyday person, worldwide. View Magic, Amazing Card and mirror viewing followed, but with less universality.

More recently, magazines and books have occasionally published 3D photographs, often in publications directly related to specific events or TV series. 3D has also returned dramatically to cinema screens in North America and the UK, and this revival has generated renewed interest in 3D photography for the every-day person.

Using the approach of computer generated red/cyan photographs, IT3D has modernised and broadened the accessibility of three-dimensional imagery. Anyone can be a 3D photographer and create other unusual 3D images with simple additional skills.

In 2011, the new 'Make Your Own 3D Photos' Stereo-Photo is simultaneously being launched in its various forms in parts of Canada, the USA and Britain. The export initiative is fully supported by UK Trade & Investment.

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