Education Package
The Education Package comprises the 'Make Your Own 3D Photos' Stereo-Photo program, full instructions, 14 tutorials ready for classroom use, and all images from each of the three individual retail editions.

The package comes with an unlimited single-school site licence. The programs provide wide-ranging opportunities for 3D study experience across the curriculum - in particular within Art, Design and Humanities.

Stereo-Photo enables pupils from Key Stage 2,
Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 onwards
to create photographs and drawings in real 3D. It also allows a 3D record to be made of various stages in the creative process, of outcomes that are 'perishable' - flower arrangements, food design, seasonal displays etc. - and of outcomes that are about to be taken home.

Pupils also have a highly motivating opportunity for extended study of alternative environments - past and present. More details may be found on the respective individual edition pages.

                      Education Package - Secondary                     50.00 exVAT
                      Education Package - Primary                         £40.00 exVAT

This education edition of the CD-ROM was a registered Curriculum Online product.