'Make Your Own 3D Photos' Stereo-Photo Program
Stereo-Photo is an inexpensive, innovative computer program which quickly and easily creates real 3D colour photos from two photos taken side by side. Results are viewed through red/green glasses. Foreground objects hang in mid-air in front of the screen or page. The rest appears at varying distances behind this surface.

Stereo-Photo is very simple to use, normally taking less than one minute to process images. Easy to follow instructions include how to move images backwards and/or forwards after processing. The principles of stereo photography and camera positioning are also explained.

14 Tutorials cover a wide range of creative opportunities. Topics include: simple 3D processing: 3D framing; 3D line drawing; 3D painting; 2D to 3D conversion of single photos and paintings; inserting additional figures and clipart into 3D photos; the making of pop-up prints.

Using a standard PC colour printer, individual 3D prints can easily be created. Some examples of outcomes are presented on the Album page of this website.

3D red/cyan glasses are supplied with this product.

Historic London Edition
Experience the three-dimensional reality of London, a city steeped in history and history in the making,
whether it be of Horseguards, the inside of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, a model of the ancient Tower of London, or a view from the Millennium Wheel. A unique and intriguing collection of more than a hundred real 3D photographs are organised into a series of albums, each covering a part of the inner city area.

Maps and full background explanatory texts accompany each album. A 3D time line identifies significant events in London's history. Additionally, there is an album of more than 40 re-processed Edwardian and Victorian 3D photos some of which are presented alongside a present-day 3D photo of a similar scene. A standard PC colour printer will create 3D colour prints of any of the photographs, maps and diagrams.

The London Edition also includes a range of 3D graphic art and design images of the city, most of which are unique to this product. Some of these are derived from photos. Others have been created from specially commissioned graphic art.

Additionally, other images to illustrate good practice are included in the product - more than one hundred 3D photos from around the world by experienced 3D photographers.

                                                                                                                                                                                    UK Price: £14.95

For trade-mark reasons, this edition is being marketed under the new 'D3RD' logo.