For trade-mark reasons, this edition is being marketed under the new 'D3RD' logo.

'Make Your Own 3D Photos' Stereo-Photo Program
Stereo-Photo is an inexpensive, innovative computer program which quickly and easily creates real 3D colour photos from two photos taken side by side. Results are viewed through red/green glasses. Foreground objects hang in mid-air in front of the screen or page. The rest appears at varying distances behind this surface.

Stereo-Photo is very simple to use, normally taking less than one minute to process images. Easy to follow instructions include how to move images backwards and/or forwards after processing. The principles of stereo photography and camera positioning are also explained.

14 Tutorials cover a wide range of creative opportunities. Topics include: simple 3D processing: 3D framing; 3D line drawing; 3D painting; 2D to 3D conversion of single photos and paintings; inserting additional figures into 3D photos; the making of pop-up prints.

Using a standard PC colour printer, individual 3D prints can easily be created. Some examples of outcomes are presented on the Album page of this website.

3D red/cyan glasses are supplied with this product.

International Edition
The International Edition of Stereo-Photo comes with folders of additional photos - over 200, taken by 3D photographers from around the world. A selection of those from other editions is complemented by those taken specifically for this collection. It also includes a wide range of 3D graphic art and design images - many of them unique to this product.
                                                                                                                                                                                 UK Price: £14.95