Photography & Art in Real 3D    by Ron Cooper, BA, Dip Ed.
Presentations vary according to needs and requirements of those involved. Normally included are the main Powerpoint illustrated lecture, a seminar/workshop, and an exhibition. They are relevant to all photographic organisations, schools and universities, including Art, Design and Computer Studies departments.

Central to the presentations is the computer projection of over 100 coloured 3D photographs and converted paintings. The exhibition includes a display of unique coloured 3D pop-up prints. 50 pairs of plastic-framed 3D spectacles are made available for use during the sessions.

Main Topics covered
Taking 3D photos
Creating 3D results and modifying them
General 3D photo composition
Creating photos which project outwards
Placing artwork inside 3D environments
Creation of hologram-like pop-up prints
3D line drawings and 'paintings'
Conversion of 2D images to 3D
Other types of 3D

Seminar     Workshop     Exhibition
The seminars and/or workshops can vary as required. Facility is provided for some participants to convert photo pairs into 3D.

Sample discs of the auto-run interactive London program are provided for viewing of ready processed 3D images. The exhibition includes many unique pop-up prints and painting conversions.

Ron Cooper's career includes the post of Senior Lecturer in teacher training, and extended periods of teaching in both a Primary School and comprehensive Upper Schools. He has organised sessions on computer generated 3D at the British Stereoscopic Society of which he was a member for 12 years. He is presently Managing Director of IT3D Ltd.

Introduction to 3D Photography     by Ron Cooper, BA, Dip Ed.
These presentations are similar to those outlined above but shorter. Emphasis is on 3D photography and the variation of potential outcome using simple photo-management programs.
Fee    £150

Fee     £75